• Who: Brian Role` is Malta’s Top Magician, avail to the best companies on the island and around the world. When you see Brian engaged by a company at an event,  be sure that you can trust the company is only committed to deliver the best. More about Brian role here:
  • When: Show with ticket purchase every other month on full Moon Nights.  Private booking on the alternative month.
  • Full moon? Why: Brian performs a special act related to the moon. You have to see it to believe it. 
  • Location : We change our location for each event however all locations are in a luxury setting somewhere in Malta. Every locations offers ample parking. 
  • Indoors, Outdoors?: For us to know, for you to find out. You’ll get to know when you receive the location details. 
  • Location Details: Event locations are secret and exclusively available to holders of tickets after purchase.
  • Food: Food is catered for by one of Malta’s top catering company and finely served at you table with the best service possible.
  • Show: The show is full of surprises, so we shall leave it that way. All the acts come from the creative mind of Brian Role exclusively for the show.  Do not expect smoke, mirrors, dancers, magic assistants, boxes, cages or any type of typical magic show act. The show is an adult orientated mind reading show with the occasional card trick and excellent sleight of hand effect combined with a touch of  micro illusion. The finale act is to die for!
  • Tickets : Available in three categories and sold per table up to 2 persons as follow :

VIP SEATING (Indicated in gold on seating plan below) Only 4 tables available. Closest to performing area. 
€250 per table / 2 persons (€125 p/p) – Includes 4 course meal, bottle of premium wine and water

INNER CIRCLE (Indicated in silver in seating plan) Only 6 tables available. Mid section.
€200 per table / 2 people (€100 p/p) – Includes 4 course meal, bottle of premium wine and water.

OUTER CIRCLE (Indicated in bronze in seating plan below) 10 tables available. Around the back. 
€160 per table / 2 people.  (€80 p/p) – Includes 4 course meal, bottle of premium wine and water.

Other Areas – Green is performance table. Red is performance area. Blue indicate screen.
Kindly note that all seating has good views and seating does not affect involvement during the show.  

Full Moon Magic Show Malta


Caviar Pate` & Glass of Prosecco
Mouth Watering Risotto Garnished With Parmesan Cheese Shavings and Herbs
Lemon Sorbe`
Main Course
Fillet of Beef With Peppered / Mushroom Sauce or
Salmon Fillet or
Vegan Roasted Aubergine Dish With Vegan Stuffed Marrows
(main dishes served with roast potatoes and vegetables)
Red Velvet or
Chocolate Cake or
Carrot Cake
(accompanied with home made fresh Ice Cream
Coffee and Sweet Biscuits