The Full Moon Magic Show

This is the very last chance you have to see Malta’s best magician, Brian Role` perform this baffling show as from January 2020 everything is changing! The very last show of the Full Moon series will be held on the 12th of December 2019. 

The Last Full Moon Magic Show Ever 12th December 2019

Prepare your mind, body and soul for an inimitable experience like no other! Excited? You should be! Be part of a very limited number of people prepared to indulge in an exclusive luxury experience, held under a full moon at a secret location.

We commence your experience with a lavish multi course dinner with accompanying mild live relaxing music. This will be followed by a mind blowing show by Malta’s Finest Magician Brian Role`. The show is all the original creative work of Brian Role with exclusive acts especially thought of for this special show.

There are no grand scale illusions, no dancers, no smoke or elaborate stage effects during the show. Instead the show is packed with reality defying feats such as bewildering mind reading and predictions,  elaborate card magic and one or two mini illusions that will blow your mind. 

The performance takes places at very close quarters, with seating surrounding the main performance close-up table, for close interaction with all those present. Expect surprises, mind challenging situations and extraordinary things that defy all sense of logic and explanation, happening live, there, right before your eyes.